New Year’s Resolution – 2015

“Those who wish to sing, always find a song.”  – Swedish proverb –

Well, I wish to write, but I don’t always find a topic.

writer's block 4My New Year’s resolution this year is to start writing again, so I set a goal of writing a blog once a week. The only way this is going to happen, at least for a while, is to start with a quote that catches my attention. I love reading quotes because they so often mirror something I think or feel, but never feel confident in my ability to communicate the same thought. Quotes often give me a point of inspiration.

I have never been successful in creative writing – I blamed it on a lack of imagination. I felt confident, however, writing a clear, concise lesson plan. I often get bored with long descriptive prose. I do better with to-the-point lists and bullets. That changed overnight in 2012 when the outline of a book came to me during a sleepless night. I felt divinely inspired – what else could it be? Even more incredible was that I remembered the whole 20+ chapter outline when I woke up! I don’t think it was a dream because I had an overwhelming desire to write a book. Sometime after I broke my neck 36 years ago I remember thinking that I would save this get-well note or that newspaper article “in case I wrote a book someday”. Oh right, like that with going to happen!

With lots of help from others, it did happen. The Up Side of Down was born! It was a very spiritual experience for me – a time when I felt very close to God, and selfishly, I want that back again.

Do you have any tricks for getting around writer’s block?

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