In the Wake of Tragedy…

I believe there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel –

Fred Dickey of the San Diego Union Tribune did a wonderful article about me in the local section today.

I appreciate all the time he spent with me, the parts of my life he was able to capture, and the fact that he was so candid about my faith. I do, however, feel that I have so much more to share about how I found my way through the darkness into a full life of wholeness and happiness.

Like with all of you, our lives are complex and multilayered. I hope you will order my book, The Up Side of Down, where you will find more about what I’ve done during the past 30 years to stay positive and upbeat. I share many coping techniques for overcoming any kind of adversity, ways to discover joy, techniques for showing gratitude, finding happiness – and so much more.

I hope others of you will share your stories of finding “The Up Side of Down” with me and my readers. I was loved for this site to become a place for finding positive solutions to life’s many disappointing turns and tragic events. Please join in the conversation…



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