“At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and eventually inevitable.”  Christopher Reeve

You have heard, and probably even agreed with, similar quotes containing the words, “dream it – believe it – achieve it.” Me, too. But there’s something about Reeve’ s quote that speaks to me more deeply. Achieving dreams isn’t usually as simple as dreaming it and believing it. Many of my dreams have seemed far away and very improbable. Sometimes I have to work hard and pushed through seemingly unattainable odds to reach my goals or realize my dreams. Somehow thinking that my dreams are out of reach makes grabbing the golden ring even more thrilling when it happens.

The thought of writing my first book, The Up Side of Down, started with the first two ingredients of Reeve’ s quote: impossibility and improbability. Then last year when I revisited the thought of writing my story, I knew from the very first night that God was leading this new endeavor. Ideas and words flowed off the keyboard like never before – and I knew from its inception that finishing it was inevitable.

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