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  1. Hi Chris,
    I just ordered your book and looking forward to reading your story.
    You have been, and still are such an inspiration to me. I only wish
    we lived closer!
    love you,

  2. Debbie says:

    Hi Chris,

    My name is Debbie Atwell and I am friends with Valorie, Tyler and Frankie. Valorie was kind enough to loan me your book several weeks ago. I wanted to let your know how much I enjoyed your book. A lot of what i was reading really hit home with me. I have some medicals problems of my own and reading this book help me a lot to put my life in a better light. I was always looking at the negative side of my illness. I was in the hospital at the time I found Tyler’s web page it was the same day that I was told that my liver was failing faster then expected due to my lack of platelets, I am undergoing platelet fusion’s five days a week to keep me a live. When I was told this it was the same day I found Tyler’s web page . Some thing about Tyler just pulled me out of this darkness I was feeling. When I read your book, it is very hard to explain but know I understand the way I was feeling. You are an inspiration to me. Everything you have gone there. And here I sit feeling this dark cloud around me. I want to thank you for writing the book, I’m sure you have helped a lot of people after they read your book.
    Also I saw Valorie today at lunch it was then that she told me that you told her to let me keep the book. I wanted to pay for the book but Val would not let me do so. She told me you would give her another one. Thank you again for the book. Maybe one day we will meet I feel as though I know you already.

    I also wanted to Thank you for putting together a way for us to help Tyler I did not meet Tyler until after his first remission. I am honored to have met Valorie and Tyler.I am blessed to have them in my life .

    Not to long ago you sent out an email about having enough funds for Tyler and we should some our continue monthly amount for know. I have tried to stop it but PAYPAl have know record of my money being taken out each month, I am wondering was there another way the money was going out each month and being sent to you. I can not find it to stop it. Do you have any idea’s on how to stop it for now.
    Thankyou, Debbie

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