Beauty Everywhere

Beautiful monarch“Beauty breaks open the human soul. Where there is no beauty in life, no vision of the better can be built. Beauty shouts to us always, ‘ More. There is yet more.’ There is no end of beauty, never enough of it. Always a dearth of it, forever a need for it.” – Joan Chittister

My friend, Mary, and I have become very interested in monarch butterflies. My interest started last year when my sister brought me of butterfly plant with two cocoons ready to open. I was in bed recovering from surgery and had not been out into the fresh air in some time. To be able to watch beautiful monarchs hatch, fly around my room, and land on my arms, was so beautiful that I cried! They landed on the screen and dried their wings , and then we set them free. The plant has since doubled or tripled in my yard, and this year during recovery from a second surgery, I have been able to watch dozens of these beautiful butterflies dancing around my flower garden. Mary was lucky enough to find caterpillars in her yard that will now complete the cycle. Did you know that these magnificent butterflies go through four cycles in a year? In the first three cycles the butterfly lives from 2 to 6 weeks, but in their fourth and last cycle, the butterfly migrates to warm weather and lives 6 to 8 months until they will start next year’s cycle again. Praise God for the beauty around us!

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  1. Deanna Cayton Timon Middle name (Hope) says:

    I had a Beautiful Experience during a Ritual last August Two Butterflies were with me In Between the Storm Door and the Front Door God Givin! Godbless you Butterflies are Free! ^<3^

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