Braided Streams

Welcome to Braided Streams – pieces and passages of my life. Through this website, my blog, and my book, The Up Side of Down, I will be sharing lessons I’ve learned over the past 34 years in my wheelchair. Reflecting over these years, I found my experiences to be like a stream of intertwining themes – Braided Streams – running throughout the years.

I use the word Streams because, for me, it symbolizes fluidity and serves as a metaphor for my life’s journey. It often trickles over rocks and I feel stuck; other times it rushes over soft moss and moves effortlessly forward. Most importantly, my streams are deep and strong enough to carry the intertwining themes I write about, yet shallow enough to let me see them clearly and be able to reflect on them easily.

This graphic depicts several of the themes I have identified in my book. As I had to deal with sudden paralysis, divorce, and cancer, I discovered the same lessons appearing over and over. I began to wonder why, and it was not until I began reflecting on these experiences that I found my strengths and began to build on them. As I say in the book, the effects of keeping a journal can be life-changing.